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Government Schemes For MSMEs

Government Schemes For MSMEs

The government of India has proposed several schemes that are aimed towards the benefit of the micro, small, and medium enterprises. The COVID-19 relief packages also aims towards the development of the sectors under the micro, small and medium enterprises. A survey has been organized to understand the condition of the micro, small, and medium industries during the time of lockdown. Almost 13,970 responses have been read through and it has been found out that 48 percent of the investors are mostly dependent on the cash which was stored up before the lockdown. They have been living on their saved up money and it has been found out that only a month's worth of capital remains to shoot themselves and their families. This has caused a depression in the people belonging to this sector.

The government has decided to offer help to MSMEs by providing various financial schemes for the MSME sector. Great steps have been taken by the Indian government in order to support the smaller businesses. The liquidation of funds from the storage of The Reserve Bank of India was the very first strategy that was introduced to help the micro, small, and medium enterprises of India. It was followed by a number of schemes that were introduced by the Government in order to help the major stakeholders of the MSME sector.

The Government schemes for MSME which are put forward by the government of India can be described as follows:

  1. Atmanirbhar Bharat

  2. Unlike any other relief plan in the world, the pledge of Narendra Modi, the Prime minister of India, spends a total amount of 20 lakh crore INR to deal with the pandemic of COVID-19 can be considered as the world's largest stimulus for the economic package. The Atmanirbhar Bharat or self-reliant India is mostly about 10% of the country's GDP and this will let the country rank behind Japan, the United States, Sweden, Australia, and Germany

    This campaign is entirely different from the relief packages which are announced at the global level for the small businesses. The entire amount of 20 lakh crores of INR is not in the new spending process. The 1.7 lakh crore INR which was announced by the government of India in the month of March along with the steps which have been adopted by the Reserve bank of India to liquidate a certain amount in order to enhance the measures of the loans and introduce a reduction in the interest rates. Atmanirbhar Bharat has been an excellent scheme to help with the organizations under the MSME sector.

  3. Schemes For MSME

  4. The schemes which have been introduced for the help of the business owners of India includes the amount of 3 lakh crore INR in the form of loans without any collateral for both the MSME sector and other business sectors. The schemes for MSME are mostly designed by the government of India to relieve stress on the owners related to their businesses.

    The decision emergency credit line is similar to the schemes for MSME which has helped the owners of this business to achieve credit on the banks without any problems. No guarantee fees will be charged and the owners of the businesses do not have to pay any kind of collateral in return for the loan. Interest is to be kept for this period in order to help the micro, small, and medium enterprises of India.

  5. COVID 19 Relief Package

  6. 20,000 crores INR is being invested to release the Subordinated debts after micro, small, and medium enterprises. This COVID-19 relief package has been introduced to understand the condition of the owners of the MSMEs. More than 2,00,000 members of the micro, small, and medium enterprises sector are expected to be benefited from this COVID-19 relief package. The features of credit guarantee support will be provided to the banks in order to pay the loans of the owners of MSMEs. This will make sure that no one is harmed by the prospect of working in the MSME sectors even during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

  7. Collateral Free Loans

  8. The collateral-free loans are an important part of the relief package which is being offered by the government of India for the COVID-19 lockdown. Equity infusion will be introduced in order to manage the collateral-free loans for the micro, small, and medium enterprises of the country. The collateral loans are quite important for any organization which is under the grip of the lockdown. Most of the sectors of the micro, small, and medium enterprises are suffering due to lack of loans without collateral. Since the government has introduced collateral-free loans it will be easy for the organizations in the MSME sector to overcome their debts which have accumulated in the lockdown crisis.

  9. Subordinate Debt For MSMEs

  10. Any organization under the micro, small, and medium sector which is subjected to the poor condition due to COVID-19 is applicable for the subordinate debt for MSME. More than 2 lakh people are expected to be benefited from the introduction of the subordinate debt for MSMEs. The organizations which have been suffering more under the lockdown hours can avail themselves of this plan. This particular organizational value will be added in order to sustain the micro, small, and medium enterprises of India. The schemes which have been introduced by the government are very essential. The development of the country towards being one of the major economies of the world during the times of lockdown can be achieved by the proper implementation of the schemes. Most of the owners of the MSME sector are greatly benefited with the help of these schemes which are being introduced by the government. Most of them focus on providing loans without any kind of collateral. This will introduce a greater number of people in the government sector of business.

  11. The New Definition Of MSME

  12. A new definition of MSME is to be introduced by the government. This decision has been taken to help the organizations and the micro, small, and medium enterprises to get loans easily. The required values for the loans of MSMEs are supposed to rise after the lockdown lifts. Investment limits are also increased for micro, small, and medium enterprises. The turnover value will be added as a segment in order to recognize an industry to be a part of the MSME sector. There will be necessary changes made in the legal system in order to accommodate the new definition of MSME.

  13. Emergency Credit Line For MSME

  14. Global tenders are not allowed to conduct business for a certain time in India due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is essential that the country focuses on the indigenous economy of the nation. The sectors are provided with emergency credit lines for MSMEs in order to help them with business processes. Strategies like equity fusion are also introduced in order to understand the requirements of micro, small, and medium enterprises. Equity funding will be provided to the MSMEs along with emergency credit lines for MSMEs which will enhance the potentiality and variability of business in the MSME sector.

In The Nutshell

These are some of the Government schemes for MSME which are being introduced by the government of India to help the businesses which are associated with the MSMEs. The schemes of the implant after organizing meetings in the cabinet. The ministers are well aware of the situation of India and its economy. There is no other way to revive the economic condition of secondary which is already in depression even before the lockdown was introduced.

It is essential that the owners of the micro, small, and medium enterprises are well informed about the steps the government is taking to help them. This will let them avail of the relief packages which in turn will save their business. For now, we have to sit tight and wait for the relief packages to take action. Surely, these packages will turn out to be helpful for our nation. If you are also a business person, and you haven’t registered yet, then contact us at to avail of all these Government schemes for MSME. You can also contact us to edit, update, or check for the availability of your MSME Registration certificate.

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